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What is the purpose and rationale of the student activities program?

Student activities are provided to offer extracurricular opportunities for students who wish to participate. These activities offer opportunities for students to learn about the nature and purpose of Christ in their lives through an environment very different from the home or classroom, to learn life lessons about discipline and rewards, to be involved in service to others, to participate in competitive events, to be recognized for achievements, and to interact socially with their peers. In each of these settings, leadership skills are developed within the school and community.

Christian character traits are nurtured by advising teachers, sponsors, and coaches. In Student Clubs, the focus is upon developing Christian leaders. Students develop a Godly balance in their lives by incorporating their physical, emotional, and spiritual gifts alongside their academics.


Key Club

Key Club is an international, student-led organization that provides its members with opportunities to provide serve, build character and develop leadership. Open to grades 10-12. For more information on Key Club, contact faculty sponsor Ms. Jeri Ann Bellan at


Robotics Club

The Robotics Club aims to create an educational environment based on teamwork that nurtures creativity and innovation through robotics. Here, students are able to apply and extend classroom knowledge to real world scenarios, work with peers, and reach out to other high schools and communities through the field of robotics. Open to grades 7-12. If you are interested in joining the Robotics Club, please contact Mr. Bern Staples at


Ecology Club

Connecting students with God’s creation through positive learning experiences which benefit our environment, our school, our community, our wildlife, and ourselves. Open to JH students in 7 and 8th grades. Lunch meetings (JH) every Wednesday in Ms. Rhonda Spell’s classroom. Recycling pickups may need to be done during lunches and before or after school. A schedule will be developed based on the students interested in the club. If you would like to learn more about joining the Ecology Club, please contact Ms. Rhonda Spell at


Chess Club

The Chess Club will promote increased knowledge and understanding of the game of chess for its own sake as an art and as an intellectual sport. Open to grades 7-12. The Chess Club is currently looking for a sponsor.


Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl Desires to challenge students to acquire new knowledge and portray attitudes of respect for themselves and others as they enjoy academic competition. Open to grades 9-12. If you would like more information on the Quiz Bowl Team, contact Mrs. Angela Saucier at


Photography Club

The Photography Club is designed for those students who are passionate about and would like to delve deeper in their knowledge of the art of photography. The club will meet ten times per semester, and a maximum of ten students are eligible to meet. Students must be in 9-12th grade, and must own/have a DSLR camera, a lens, and a memory card. For more information on the photography club, please contact Erin Staples at