Welcome to Secondary School!

Quality instruction is providing each child with a loving, encouraging, and challenging environment where they can come to know the character and person of the Lord Jesus Christ and can grow to achieve their fullest potential, with an emphasis on affirming their knowledge of the Word of God, their growth in spiritual maturity, and their preparation for good works in the will and to the glory of God.


About the Secondary Program:
7th – 12th Grade

Biblical instruction nurtures the development of a Christian world view.  Traditional course offerings in English, mathematics, science and social studies anchor the curriculum.  Students who display particular aptitude may be placed in an honors math or English track.  Music and physical education enrich the overall program.  The opportunity to participate in sports is available during each athletic season, and students also have the opportunity to serve in after sch
JUNIOR HIGH (7th and 8th Grade)

Junior high is much more than simply a transitional time between elementary and high school.  At NCS, we want to focus on the special challenges and opportunities of this particular age.  Teachers answer a call to serve at this age level, to develop in each student a spiritual, emotional, academic, physical and social foundation to prepare him or her for high school.


SENIOR HIGH (9th through 12th grade)

Northlake offers a strong college preparatory curriculum designed to challenge every student.  A Christian world view is central to all courses, and daily Bible classes foster personal application of truth.  A small student body allows teachers to personally know and interact with every student.

English courses build effective written and oral communication skills while integrating vocabulary, grammar, and literature.  Math students use manipulatives and new computer technology.  Science courses include lab work.  Social studies encourage responsible citizenship.  In particular, American history promotes a clear understanding of America’s Godly heritage.  An excellent high school chorus and computer lab are additional attractions. Advanced Placement courses, offering college credit upon successful completion of a year-end examination, are available to qualified upperclassmen.  A variety of varsity sports and high school clubs are available to round out the educational experience.

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