Parent Student Staff


The NCS kindergarten program seeks to love and encourage children as they transition into the lower school environment.
In the NCS Kindergarten, outstanding teachers administer curriculum incorporating basic phonics, language, logical thinking and beginning reading skills. The NCS Kindergarten classes are housed together in the Kindergarten Cottage.

Concepts such as sorting, classifying, patterning, comparing, using money, telling time, and adding and subtracting are introduced with the use of manipulatives.

A spiritually rich daily Bible curriculum incorporates Bible memory, singing, and the study of key Biblical characters. Physical education, art, music, computer, and library enrich the kindergarten experience. Students entering the NCS kindergarten must be five years old by September 30 and must score 5 to 5 1/2 on the school-administered Developmental Inventory.

Grades 1 – 4 

Grounded in a Christian worldview, NCS lower school offers students a strong academic curriculum. 

This program provides a solid foundation in basic content areas, at the same time encouraging strong character and social skills. A concentrated phonics-based reading program, supplemented with age-appropriate books, introduces students to quality literature. Strong emphasis is placed upon grammar skills, language, spelling, and creative writing.  

Math emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving skills while requiring children to achieve ownership of number facts and practice for accuracy. Science and history curricula introduce students to their world through the lens of God’s creation.

Technology is integrated into classroom content, while computer lab exercises involve drill and practice, software and projects. Motor Lab, library, music, and art enrich the curriculum.

Accountability is the key and is required in daily class readiness and participation, weekly tests, and the completion of long term assignments and projects. Purposeful writing skills, including the production of a research paper, are emphasized in fourth, fifth, and sixth grades.

Ancillary classes that enrich students include computer, library, physical education, Motor Lab, study skills taught by our Academic Deans, and fine arts. Students find community with one another through functions such as monthly family groups, after-school programs and Lower School athletics.


Our Philosophy for our faculty is that education is constantly evolving.  Our teachers are required to hold a Louisiana state certification in addition to maintain 180 hours of professional development over a five year period to satisfy the mandated requirements of our faculty as a school that is AdvancEd certified and accredited.