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Dear Northlake family,

Our journey with Northlake Christian School began in 2005 when my wife’s mother became ill and was no longer able to help us care for our two youngest children, Grace and Michael.  It was at that time that Peggy and I felt led by God to enroll them in Northlake Christian School’s Early Learning Center.  The moment we entrusted the ELC with Grace and Michael’s care and education, we knew it was the right decision and have felt like family ever since.      

We have discovered Northlake to be an environment that nurtured our children and taught them what it means to love and serve our Heavenly Father. This was evident not only in our children, but also in every interaction we had with their teachers.

When Michael was in Pre-K 4, I picked him up from school one afternoon and he told me he wanted to change his name to Christian. I was puzzled, so I asked him if he had a new friend named Christian.  He said, “No, Daddy, today at school we learned that Jesus died for our sins and I asked Him to be my Savior, so I want to change my name to Christian.”  I explained to him that being a Christian didn’t require him to change his name, but that his identity was changed.  He just nodded in agreement and smiled. I, on the other hand, cried at the thought that my baby boy had accepted Christ and understood what that meant. 

When it was time for elementary school, the decision to keep Michael and Grace at NCS was an easy one.  We had grown to greatly love Northlake and couldn’t imagine them anywhere else. When our middle son Dallas had completed 7th grade, we decided we wanted Northlake to become “home” for him as well. He, however, wanted to join the majority of his friends and attend another local boys’ high school. After we prayerfully enrolled him in Northlake’s 8th grade class, he griped and complained miserably every single day. That soon changed. One morning in late September, as I dropped him off in carline, he looked at me and said, “Thank you and mom for sending me to Northlake.” From that day forward he referred to NCS as “HIS school” and he graduated in 2013.

Our family feels that we are part of one big “FAITH FAMILY” with our fellow Wolverines. Sometimes with family you have disagreements, or you don’t see eye to eye on every issue, but at the end of the day you are still family. We know that as long as we – parents, grandparents, students, faculty, and staff - all keep our eyes on Jesus for direction and guidance, we will all be headed in the right direction.

This year my family would like to ask your family to join us in giving to The Northlake Fund Annual Giving Campaign.  The Northlake Fund is a family of funds dedicated to support our people, programs, and facilities annually through the school’s operating budget.  As parents, we know that our children need more than an education, they need the people, programs, and facilities that will equip them to find their purpose and God-given calling.  The Northlake Fund will do just that.  You can choose to direct your gift as you desire to the People: Faculty & Staff, Faculty Professional Development, or Scholarship & Financial Aid, Programs: Arts, Athletics, ELC, Ministry, or Technology, and Facilities: Buildings & Grounds or Security.  For more information about The Northlake Fund visit or contact Brandi Cavalier, Director of Development, at 985-635-0509.

During my family’s 11 years at Northlake, we have witnessed many amazing additions to the faculty and campus, and much success of the school.  We are very excited to give to The Northlake Fund and watch our beloved school continue to flourish.  Let’s make this year’s annual giving campaign the most successful thus far. Our prayer is to have 100% participation across the board.  A gift of any amount is greatly appreciated.  Just simply give as the Lord directs each of you to give.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, and thank you for helping to shape the future of Northlake Christian School for our students and our community.

May God bless you,              

Pastor Eddie Swan                                          Mrs. Peggy Swan
The Northlake Fund Co-Chairs                        The Northlake Fund Co-Chairs