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A Letter From Discovery Center Director:

Joan Mondor


“Establish the work of our hands for us.”  Psalm 90:17

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the academic support services department at Northlake Christian School.  The Discovery Center exists to provide options for students who have individual educational needs that cannot be fully met in the regular classroom.  Our goal is for students who struggle to be given support to develop their God-given potential.  While this begins in the classroom, our prayer is for students to become confident and competent life-long learners.

We partner with parents and teachers as a resource for classroom support, academic coaching, intervention services and alternative classroom settings.  The Discovery Center also serves the community by offering services to students from public schools, other private and parochial schools, as well as students from the home-school community. 

You can find information about our menu of services as you explore this website.  Do we have something to offer your struggling learner?  I encourage you to contact me via phone or email.  I can answer your initial questions or arrange a time to meet together.

For the students,

Joan Mondor, M.Ed., PCET, CDT