Parent Student Staff

Building leaders for the next generation.

At any school in America, each coach stands as a role model for his or her student athletes, holding potentially one of the most pivotal relationships in each student’s life. As athletes mature, older students are also recognized as role models by younger athletes. The difference at Northlake Christian School (NCS) is that Christ in each of us can supernaturally empower us to maximize the potential of those relationships and, in doing so build Christian leaders for the next generation.
We may win games, and we may lose games, but we will learn from and profit by every experience. In the end, if we commit ourselves to His purpose and work together in a vision shared unanimously, we will win every time — regardless of how the scoreboard or stat sheet reads. We are not interested in the outcome of each isolated competition; we are aiming for eternal victory.
AT NCS, every coach and every athlete will focus continually on these abiding principles:

  • As a Christian, each athlete fights for a cause beyond himself or herself. In every moment of every competition, every practice, every locker-room conversation and late-night bus ride, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to proclaim the Lordship and character of Jesus Christ. Fans, opposing athletes and their fans, officials, sports writers, family members and teammates will judge the character of Christ by what they see and hear in us. Every student should represent Christ, always!
  • As a Christian, each athlete should share the love of Christ in every relationship. Christ commands us, “This is my commandment, that ye love one another as I have loved you.” Scripture instructs us to “edify” one another and to “bear ye one another’s burdens.” By building teams where each member is valued and respected, we will teach and equip students with life lessons which no classroom experience will ever approach. Every student should be loved and valued — always!
  • As a Christian, each athlete should accept responsibility, lead courageously and manifest God’s grace to others. We will teach our athletes to practice empathy, inclusion and integrity. Everyone student should grow in spiritual and physical maturity—always!
  • As a Christian, each athlete should learn the importance of serving others well. Christ led not with a sword but with a towel, washing the feet of those who were closest to Him even in the full knowledge that one of them, Judas Iscariot, would on that same night betray Him. Every student should learn to serve — always!
  • As a Christian, every student should learn to recognize the false values of the culture which surrounds us. We will learn the value of faith, love, authority, unity acceptance, patience, discipline, gentleness and forgiveness. We will not measure our value as individuals by wins and losses, by athletics prowess, by or appearance. Every student should glory in the truth — always!