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A Welcome From Athletic Director, Tony Agresta


Dear Visitor,
Thank you for taking a moment to view our school’s athletic website. Northlake Christian School understands how vital interscholastic athletics can be in the overall development of our students. Team sports, in particular, provide opportunities to instill and nurture invaluable character traits into the hearts and minds of all participants, and can ultimately create a deeper understanding of Christ’s call to consider others more valuable than ourselves.
As Christians, we believe we can compete at high levels and, at the same time, represent our God and school in a way that is honorable and dignified. It does not mean that we do everything perfectly all the time, or that our athletes always respond to situations appropriately. Although we trust that these instances are few are far between, it does mean that these too can be used as teachable moments that provide opportunities for growth and maturation.
In the end, the athletic arena is a fabulous laboratory to learn the lessons of life, love of Christ and respect for others. For our coaches it is their classroom; for our students it’s a highly desired elective and privilege; for our school community a rallying point and unifying device; for God, we hope and trust, just one more place to be honored and glorified.
Yours in Christ,
Tony Agresta
Athletic Director