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How long does the financial aid process take?


How much aid will my family qualify for?
Each family has different circumstances. A great way to ensure that the Financial Aid Committee understands your need for assistance will be to complete a Household Budget as well as a Financial Circumstances Letter explaining your situation.

Will my award cover all costs?
No. Assisting families who have a financial need is the heart of Northlake Christian School. For our budget to go a long way, we only assist with tuition costs. This assistance can range from 10%-30% of tuition.

How can co-parents and divorced parents apply?
The Financial Aid Committee will consider the assets of all parents before making a financial aid decision. Financial need is determined by a family’s ability to meet educational expenses, not by a willingness to pay or disclaimed responsibility. Each parental household – custodial and noncustodial, natural and stepparents must complete and submit required paperwork. If you receive child support, a court document will be required before any assistance is awarded.

*We will take into consideration individual financial arrangements as well as court mandated obligations of the parent and stepparent to their other children as we process financial information.

Do we have to pay the aid back?
No. Financial Aid is a grant and does not need to be paid back to the school. If you withdraw your child after you’ve paid in full, you will not be able to receive a credit or refund of months paid.

I am a stay at home parent. Is this held against me?
The Financial Aid Committee will impute wages at the rate of $10.00/hour multiplied by 2,080 hours of annual work for a non-working parent when all children in the household are of preschool age.

I receive ACE/ARETE Scholarship. Can I still apply for Tuition Assistance with Northlake?
Yes; you may apply. You will receive assistance up to your calculated need. We will not award assistance over and above ACE or ARETE that will total more than your need.

Do financial aid awards stay the same every year?
Financial aid is awarded on a yearly basis and renewal is not automatic. Subsequent aid will be based on the submission of a current financial aid application.

Who will see my application?
The Financial Aid Committee is a small group of school administrators. The Financial Aid Committee respects your privacy. Your financial aid application and award are administered with the strictest confidentiality. We expect families receiving aid to do the same and not discuss their aid with other parents or teachers. Failure to honor this could result in withdrawal of the award and jeopardize your eligibility for a future award.


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