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Safety Procedures for School Bus Riders


Rules to follow while waiting for and boarding a school bus:

1. Please be at your scheduled bus stop at least 10 minutes ahead of pick up time in the morning. The NCS bus will leave campus in the afternoon at 3:15 pm. BE ON TIME. The bus will not wait.
2. Be at the side of the road/street when the bus stops. If bus riders are not visible, the bus diver does not have to stop.
3. If necessary to wait across the street from the bus stop, wait for the bus driver's signal before crossing. Cross in front of the bus only!
4. Board the bus in a single file and promptly proceed to the seat assigned to you by the driver.
5. Objects too large to be held in your lap or placed under your seat, such as science projects, etc., are not allowed on the bus. Other arrangements will have to be made to transport them to school.
6. All pencils, pens and/or other sharp objects shall be stored in the student's books or book bag while riding on the bus.

Rules to follow while riding a school bus:

1. Remind seated at all times when he bus is in motion. This will minimize injury in cases of emergency stops or collisions
2. Sit straight in your seat with both feet on the floor in front of your seat facing the front of the bus.
3. Always keep the aisle clear.
4. Speak quietly and carry on normal conversations with other passengers in your vicinity. Loud talking will distract the driver.
5. Avoid unnecessary conversations with the driver.
6. Keep arms and head inside the bus windows at all times.
7. There is to be no eating or drinking on the bus.
8. Do not litter the bus stop, nor leave any debris on the bus. Nothing is to be thrown from the bus windows.
9. Do not sit in the driver's seat or play with any of the bus controls at any time.

Rules to follow when exiting a school bus:

1. Never ask the driver for permission to get off at any stop other than your designated stop. Note: When a student is to get off at a stop other than his/her regular stop, the parents shall send a signed authorization to the bus driver.
2. Get off the bus promptly and orderly after it comes to a complete stop.
3. Any student who must cross the street after exiting their bus should wait for the driver to signal that it is safe to cross. The student should cross approximately ten (10) feet in front of the bus (never cross behind the bus.)

Rules to follow should an emergency arise while on the school bus:

1. Report any emergency to the school bus driver
2. In case of an accident, stay in your seat until the driver tells you what to do or until you are sure of the safest moves to make.
Do not panic or move without thinking.
3. Do not touch the emergency equipment or safety releases unless told to do so by the bus driver, except in the case of an extreme emergency and you are the closest to the door.
4. Remain calm and encourage others to do the same.
5. Don't move injured persons unless absolutely necessary.

Emergency evacuation procedures:

1. Identify emergency exit that could be used.
2. Be sure you know how to open emergency exits (windows and doors).
3. If a young child cannot open the door in an emergency, the driver, another child, or two small children could open it.
4. Passengers closest to the door should leave first.
5. Kick windows out if doors are stuck.
6. Duck your head as you exit the bus. Secure loose clothing so that it won't get snagged or caught by rough metal edges. Keep your hands free ... leave everything behind. Your life is worth more than your books or lunch.
7. If there is a need to jump from the bus, bend your knees to cushion the fall. 
8. Older students should assist younger students when exiting.
9. Clear the exit area so others can follow.
10. Get off the roadway or street after exiting the bus. If driver or riders are injured, seek help.



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