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2017-2018 NCS Morning Bus Route

6:15 am Leave NCS
6:30 am Chase Bank (Highway 21)
6:35 am Chuck E Cheese
6:35 am Brady Island
6:40 am Scooters
6:45 am Franco's
6:50 am Heavens and Garden
6:55 am Mandeville High Blvd.
7:05 am Pelican Athletic Club
7:10 am Lonesome and Evergreen Drive
7:10 am Lonesome and Evergreen
7:30 am Arrive at NCS


2017-2018 NCS Afternoon Bus Route

3:15 pm Leave NCS
3:30 pm Chase Bank (Highway 21)
3:35 pm Chuck E. Cheese's
3:40 pm Brady Island
3:45 pm Scooter's
3:50 pm Franco's Athletic Club
3:55 pm Heavens and Garden
4:00 pm Mandeville High Blvd
4:10 pm Pelican Athletic Club
4:15 pm Lonesome and Evergreen Drive
4:15 pm Lonesome and Morningside
4:25 pm Riverwood Subdivision
4:30 pm Pet Smart