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The curriculum of Northlake Christian Lower School complies with the State of Louisiana standards. In keeping with the school’s purpose, however, all curricular content is filtered through and presented within a Christian worldview. The Bible, God’s Truth, is integrated into our entire curriculum.


    • Our Philosophy of Science encompasses the belief that God is the Creator of all that exists, and science is the study of His creation. Our purpose as Christian educators is to facilitate the exploration and discovery of the Divine Order and structure of the universe. Our science curriculum is planned to equip the elementary student to function in harmony with God’s order through observation and experimentation, challenging him to higher order thinking. By acknowledging the wisdom of God, the student will recognize the responsibility to be a steward of His perfect design.
      • Science a Closer Look by McGraw-Hill is utilized in grades 3-4 with national science lab modules within our elementary Science Lab located on campus
      • Reading Wonders offers a holistic approach to teaching social sciences through informational texts and nonfiction in grades K-2

    • Our Philosophy of Social Studies holds that from Creation, God orchestrated His plan for mankind’s redemption and sanctification. Our belief is that social studies reveals who we are and how God works through His people’s lives and events over time. Our charge as Christian educators is to pass civilization onto the next generation by enabling students to articulate ideas, appreciate one’s heritage, and gain an awareness of the world around them.
      • Bob Jones curriculum is utilized in grades 2-4 offering a biblical worldview offering a firm foundation of how our world began
      • Reading Wonders offers a holistic approach to teaching social sciences through informational texts and nonfiction in grades K-2

    • Our Philosophy of Language Arts is based on the belief that our Master is the Father of language as evidenced when He spoke the world into existence. As Christian educators, we strive to equip our students with the ability to communicate powerfully and truthfully with God and with others through listening, speaking, writing and reading proficiently. Mastery of language arts, both oral and written, prepares students to readily and appropriately express themselves in all areas of life.
      • Reading Wonders English Language Arts (ELA) program by McGraw-Hill is implemented in grades K-4 and is all inclusive of the five essential components of reading:  phonemic awareness, phonics, reading fluency, vocabulary development, and reading comprehension
      • Bob Jones curriculum is integrated into the ELA program offering intentional and purposeful instruction in grammar, mechanics, writing, and composition

    • Our Philosophy of Math is such that God reveals Himself through His Word and His creation as the Master of Truth and Order. Mathematics reflects the infinity, sovereignty, and precision of God. Our goal as Christian educators is to prepare the students’ minds for success in using mathematics in everyday life situations; to build upon those concepts that will lead to student proficiency in higher-level reasoning, critical thinking, logic, and problem-solving skills.
      • Math Connects by McGraw-Hill is utilized in grades K-6 for mathematical concepts
      • Reflex Math is utilized in grades 1-6 to practice math fluency with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts

    • Our Philosophy for Bible embraces the belief that God revealed Himself through a written record, the Bible. The study of the Bible provides our students with the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with the living Lord Jesus, and to discover their true identity as a believer. From this relationship will spring faith, knowledge, wisdom, hope, purpose, and love.
      • Bob Jones curriculum is used for Bible instruction in grades K-4

    • Our Ancillary Offerings provide the opportunity for students to experience fields of study outside the traditional subjects. Students are scheduled in a variety of classes on a weekly basis that include art, computer, library, music & drama, choir, P.E., and Motor Lab.

    • Our Philosophy for athletics is based on the belief that we are responsible to develop the whole child.  Athletics offers the opportunity for students to work under authority with team members for a common good.  Our athletic teams begin as early as third grade and fourth grade.

    • Our Philosophy for our faculty is that education is constantly evolving.  Our teachers are required to hold a Louisiana state certification in addition to maintain 180 hours of professional development over a five year period to satisfy the mandated requirements of our faculty as a school that is AdvancEd certified and accredited. CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR FACULTY

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