Parent Student Staff

God created each child to be unique, breathing into us highly customized skills and aptitudes,abilities and promises. He entrusted to parents and teachers the task of equipping each child to fulfill His own unique and exciting purpose.

The Discovery Center at Northlake Christian School exists to provide options for students who have individual educational needs that cannot be fully met in the regular classroom setting. The Discovery Center offers a range of programs and services designed to help struggling students succeed. 

Discovery Center Programs: 

· Rx for Discovery Reading – reading intervention and remediation for grades 1-adult

· First Connections and Upward Learning – self-contained, multi-graded classrooms for students in grades 1-8

· NILD educational therapy ( for grades 2-adult

· Directed Studies – academic coaching for grades 5-12

· Content tutoring for grades 1-12

· Classroom support for grades 1-12

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