Parent Student Staff

Our Mission 

Northlake Christian School is a private, non-denominational, non-profit Christian school that exists to assist the Christian community in providing a Christ-centered environment in which faith can be integrated with learning to offer a college prep education to students from preschool through twelfth grade.  The School will provide children with a loving, encouraging and challenging environment where they can come to know the character and person of the Lord Jesus Christ and can grow to achieve their fullest potential with an emphasis on affirming their knowledge of the Word of God, their growth in spiritual maturity, and their preparation for good works in the will and to the glory of God.

Our Vision

Northlake Christian School shall challenge its students to know Jesus Christ as Lord, to love others as themselves, to grow in wisdom, knowledge, and skill, in order that they may serve God with the virtue, character and obedience of Christ in all areas of life.

Our Educational Philosophy

By its Mission Statement, Northlake Christian School (NCS) “exists to assist the Christian community.” With this declaration, we have affirmed that we serve not primarily as an evangelical institution but, instead, serve “Christian” families — defined for practical purposes as those who profess a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, accept the Bible as God’s inerrant Word, and attend and support a local Bible-believing church.

For those Christian families, NCS provides an educational program “centered” upon the person of the Lord Jesus Christ and constructed upon the foundational wisdom of God’s Holy Word. A “Christ-centered” education emanates from an understanding that truth itself is objective, absolute and centered in the very nature of God; that there is no dividing line between the spiritual and the physical so that understanding of one might be divorced from the other; that the God of Israel and His Son Jesus are preeminent in all things both physical and spiritual; and that the foundational wisdom of God has been offered to us in the Bible.

By building an educational process on this Scriptural wisdom, we impart to students the advantage of a world-perspective which makes possible wise life choices. It is, therefore, our purpose to help our children to grow in wisdom and maturity as eternal children of God and heirs with Christ and, in doing so, to equip them to succeed and prosper so that God might be glorified by their good works.