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In the late spring of 1972, as God’s remnant in the Covington area boldly preached His Word, His Spirit began to move in a powerful way. As a result of this movement, during the summer of 1972 home Bible studies sprang up throughout the area. From these Bible studies, a group of men under the leadership of Rudy Adkins banded together to form Tammany Christian Fellowship. The purpose of Tammany Christian Fellowship was to seize the opportunity to saturate the North Shore community with the Gospel of Christ.

It was in the wake of this revival that God began to plant the seed of a vision for a school that would be an extension of the values that that we were teaching our children at home. The founders began to pray for a Christian school, and after much discussion and prayer, it was decided to trust God to give us a new Christian school, kindergarten through twelfth grade, which would open in the fall of 1978. The vision was for a school that would provide college preparatory education based on biblical principles as a service to Christian families and a testimony to the entire community.

On the opening day of Northlake Christian School, 110 students were seated at their desks, and by the start of the second year, enrollment had increased to 170 students.

Northlake Christian School stands today as a testimony to God’s grace; a vision fulfilled.

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