Current Donors


(Gifts of $2,500-$4,999)
Bobby Nolan
Frank and Lee Shaw


(Gifts of $1,000-$2,499)
Steven and Catherine Camp
Gary and Susan Cramond
Doug and Shannon Bell
Albert and Lisa Bossier
Monty and Jan Fontenot (Faculty)
Ben (’93) and Courtney Haindel (Faculty)
Trip and Ann Holloway (Former Faculty)
Paul and Carolyn Kalman
Chris and Susan Riso (’92)
Bob and Marianne Whelan (PMAT Real Estate Investment)

annual-fund3MAROON CIRCLE

(Gifts of $500-$999)
Drs. Richard and Mary Ballard
Kenneth and Krista Bogle
Joey and Mia Celino
Paul Guidry
Jeff and Janine Hundley
Derek and Angie Lancaster
Greg and Keri Peace
Dr. Herbert and Stephanie Robinson
Sterling and Erline Roig (Grandparents)
Charles and Sarah Shorter (Grandparents)
Joey and Beth Shorter (Faculty)
Steve and Julie Wall

annual-fund4GOLD CIRCLE

(Gifts of $251-$499)
Chip and Kristi Beshenich
James and Nancy Donahue
Fikret and Charlene Kazan
Trish Piedascalzo
James and Stacey Preston
(Family Gifts of $250)
Jared Accardo (Faculty)
Kyle and Susie Acosta
Tony and Lorrie Agresta (Faculty)
Missie Arnold (Faculty)
Emile & Charleen Balliviero
Gregory Bennett
Shawn and Angelina Burst
Tim and Kim Butler
Larry and Myra Catledge (Faculty)
Joey and Jennifer Champagne
Shannon Crouchet (Faculty)
David and Theresa Crumhorn
Kim Davis (Faculty)
Scott and Kristin Dowdy
David and Karen Draffen (Faculty)
John and Debbie Evans
Wayne and Kim Fisher (Faculty)
Tommy and Beth Ford (Faculty)
Mark and Lynn Graham (Faculty)
Nicole Goodwin
Gerry and Sindy Guarino
Sam and Jody Hawkins (Faculty)
Jim and Cathy Hearty (Faculty)
Steve and Julie Hubert
Albert and Sharon Hynes
Walt and Regina Kelly
Kyle and Robin Kent
Mike and Michelle Knox (Faculty)
Melissa Krone (Faculty)
Jay and Karen Landry
Billy and Kristen Leto
Marc and Angelle Lyman
Drew and Torrie Maliskas
Bart and Lee Manguno (’80-Faculty)
Kendra Marshall
Gary and Gerry McCool (Grandparent)
Mike and Lanie McKnight
Steve and Julie Miller
Max and Rachel Miller
Bobby and Linette Newell
James and Krista Owens
Charles and Melissa Patrick (Faculty)
Diana Potter (Faculty)
Patricia Segura (Faculty)
Keith and Daina Short
Matt and Kelly Slimming
Rick and Rhonda Spell (Faculty)
Michael Stag
Eric and Bonnie Stegen
George and Kristianne Stewart
Tom and Beth Stogner
Terrel and Michelle Stewart (Faculty)
Reggie and Jenni Vega (Faculty)
Richard and Rosa Weixel
Michael and Katie Werner
Dave and Deborah Wickham
Dana Whitaker


Deborah Achang
John and Sandra Barry
George and Tessie Baehr
Theresa Bourgeois (Faculty)
Carroll and Marlene Flot (Faculty)
Greg and Shannon Jenkins
Drew and Torrie Maliskas
David and Celeste Moores
Mark and Robin Motichek (Faculty)
Darlynn Mitchell
Ronnie and Judi Nicholson
Scarlett Roper (Faculty)
Joe and Lauren Stuckey
Laurie Vignes (Faculty)
Krista Vinson (Faculty)
Keith and RhayAnn Weiskopf
Steven and Angela Welch
Rusty and Sherry West


($5-$100 – Classes 2004-2012)
Justin Boudreaux (’12)
Emma Burgess (’12)
Kathryn Copp (’12)
Shelby Cothern (’12)
Amy Gelpi (’10)
Collin Gelpi (’12)
Jeffrey George (’12)
Cody Hughes (’11)
Robert Lampp (’08)
Mallery Mele (’12)
Brandi Monjure (’07)
Ike Potter (’12)
Annie Reed (’12)
Mary Grace Richardson (’12)
Chris Schell (’12)